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Dilemma 2

30 Apr

‘How crazy can I get?’ she screamed at herself in frustration hours later alone in her room ‘I don’t even know anything about him and I kissed him? What in heavens is wrong with me? What is it in Bode that I just find captivating, he is not all that but still he draws me’ there was no accursed thing she didn’t call herself, her mum had raised her better than to behave like a wanton prostitute – she thought to herself. What in heaven’s name had beguiled her, even Bode was as surprised as she was by her actions but he had returned the kiss with as much fervour as she had given it, his lips on hers was gentle but firm, searching for answers and yet shy at the same time but still seeking more. Just as it was getting more intense and more passion resonated, He had jumped out of her car, leaving her all flustered and looking like a “lost love-sick, sex-starved puppy”. She couldn’t help but smile a little as she remembered his cologne, very masculine and sexy, it must have been the scent that really drew her in she concluded.

‘Where in all of Jupiter had she even learnt how to kiss?’  She wondered still and groaned inwardly. Too much of DSTV was affecting her thinking faculties, she read too much of all those novels too. She would not subscribe for the next one and from now she was trashing all her silhouettes and opting for more Francine Rivers, those would speak some god-sense into her and she would never see Bode again, he was too dangerous for mental health. With those decisions made, she threw herself into a fitful sleep.

Bode couldn’t help but chide himself repeatedly at his own act of stupidity, “She’s a Kid” his subconscious screamed at him, though he enjoyed the kiss he was definitely not expecting that Temi would respond readily and warmly to him. Girls were generally supposed to be more disciplined and strong willed when it comes to such situations “Why was this different?” he asked himself, there was no way he was seeing her again, he concluded. Her sexuality was too much for him to handle, he wasn’t sure he could trust himself around her and there was no way he was going to find out, he resolved in his heart.  He laughed at himself for acting like a kid back there though, running out like the proverbial dog with his tail between his legs, not even saying a proper goodbye like a gentleman should, “I’m 33 for God’s sake not 18” he scolded himself mentally. He resolved that he would find a way to get in touch with her once more, at least to undo the obviously bad impression he must have left by just walking off; he groaned inwardly as he remembered that there was no way to contact her as he didn’t get her mobile number, “Shame on you” his subconscious said again, shaking his head bitterly he entered his compound and proceeded to his apartment.

Bode was thinking about Temi all through the next few days, he made up his mind to retrace the steps he took that fateful day and hope for a miracle, his friends wouldn’t stop making jest of him anytime they called or sent him a message or chatted with him. One of his more prolific friends Tolu went to the extreme and wrote a poem about it tagging it “Misused Opportunity”; he chuckled to himself as he remembered the embellishments Tolu added to the poem, and the dramatic way  he concluded the poem, a “and they lived happily ever after” fairy tale ending.

As Bode got closer to the “spot” as he now called it, his heartbeat increased in its intensity as he mentally relived their meet, and all that ensued after, but he was to be disappointed because the street was as empty as a Monday morning church. He walked the whole length of the street thrice all to no avail, it wasn’t until one of his neighbours called him to come move his car so she could drive out that he turned back and headed home. As he was backing out of his compound, he spotted a cream Peugeot 406 car as it sped down the other side of the road and he was just able to catch a glimpse of the driver, Temi… He quickly reversed and zoomed after her, hoping to catch up but by the time he got to the next intersection make a U-turn and follow her, he already lost track of where she went to. He drove around a bit, negotiating corners, driving down several streets in the neighbourhood, hoping against hope that he would come across her again but all to no avail. 

Temi was now very flustered, there was no way a man would have this much effect on her,” Could it be…? It can’t be” she answered herself immediately not giving thought to the question, “but it’s possible” she continued “well whatever” she concluded and moved on to finish up her packing for school.

Over the course of the week, she found herself going back to the ‘scene of the crime’ she had termed it and was annoyed with herself at the disappointment she felt at not meeting Bode those times. Just as she had all but given up three weeks later, she sighted him watching her from a distance by some divine miracle which coincidentally happened to the fact that a kid with a bicycle ran into him.

She walked up to him and glowered at him ‘Have you been watching me all these while?’ she asked, he nodded. ‘Coward! So you see me and you are not man enough to walk up to me just because of a kiss that almost possibly meant nothing’ she lied through her teeth

‘It wasn’t just a kiss Temila and I am so attracted to you, it’s wrong. Do you even know how old I am? You are barely a child; my guess would be between 16 and 17. I am 33 you know?’

‘I am 15’ she heard him groan

‘What are you doing? Do you want to get me arrested by your dad? Or worse still a law suit filed against me which would make me lose my job?’

‘I just like talking to you, you listen and I am sorry’ she sobbed ‘I don’t want to get you into any trouble just say you will be my friend because I need someone to talk to else I will lose my mind soon enough’

‘Ok’ he replied ‘I would do you one good, how about we exchange numbers and addresses just for futuristic sake and if you need anything at all. My leave will soon be over and you can call me anytime and if I don’t answer I will always call back’

‘Good solution, I agree and that way we both save ourselves a whole lot of trouble’ she wiped her face and grinned.

Over the next month of the holidays, they spoke about everything and nothing. He had become her confidante, she found out all about him – his work with Paramount Bank; one of the classiest banks and he was a brand manager, an advertising guru to be exact and he was so smart. He was so open about himself, his family, his dreams and everything. He had come from a poor background and was an only child. His mum had died at the tender age of 12 and his dad had never remarried but had done all he could to send him to the best school despite their pitiable living conditions; some days they went without food just so he could go to school. He had been raised to be grateful for everything he got and he loved his dad but just as he was handed his appointment letter, his dad suffered from a stroke and died – the years had taken their toll on the man, yet he kept it all to himself. He had wept, he told her and with each day he promised to make him proud. He had dated just one girl, who broke up with him a year ago, he had felt the loss but he hadn’t minded and here he was a well accomplished young executive and heading one of Nigeria’s most prestigious Banks.

He made her grateful for the life she lived and her family. Often, her mother wondered who made Temila laugh out loud over the phone but she thought it was one of her school mates and was finally glad she had made a friend because she had begun to worry; what might become of her young daughter if she had no friends to share her days. So she never questioned and on the occasion that she did, she told her he was a friend she met in the estate and she had never questioned further believing he was a teenager like her and just advised her to be careful.

Temila and Bode’s friendship soared and grew. They spoke every day and he slowly helped lift the mist over her, she was juvenile again as she should have been in the first place. Bode was sometimes astounded at the wisdom she possessed, the way she helped reason out problems that came with work left him awestruck at times but he never said anything not because he didn’t believe in praising people but because he admired her and as insane as it seems he was beginning to fall in love with this 15-year-old prodigy who defied all human reasoning. He saw in her qualities he had never seen in any other lady and was transfixed, he thanked God because he had not seen her since the day they exchanged numbers and was only grateful because he didn’t know what he would do if she was within ten feet of him.

Temila on the other hand was glad she had a friend in Bode she could talk to, and couldn’t wait for his call each day. She could never place the way she felt and was sometimes weary; so most times she just watched the phone as it rang and defied picking his calls and not returning it either; at other times she couldn’t control herself and gave flimsy excuses for the days she couldn’t pick and was sometimes surprised at the hint of obvious concern and worry she always seemed to detect in his voice.

Bode’s face now had a permanent smile added to his features, he couldn’t help but smile a lot these days not because he was running mad or that his Job got easier, in fact it was tougher now that he was to head two branches, but the friendship with Temi suddenly made life much easier. He felt like he had been living life in “black and white” but now life is in “Technicolor, 3D HD”. There was no way he was letting go of this blessing into his life; since they started their friendship formally, after successfully overcoming the awkwardness of their first encounter, things had begun falling into place for him, he was now earning a cool 7-figure sum that could make any one’s mouth water.

3 months had passed; Temila and Bode became inseparably phone pals and didn’t go a day without text messages and calls flying back and forth between them. One day she let it drop that school would be resuming in two weeks and they may not talk as much because her dad always made sure to take possession of her phone and other devices except her laptop during school periods. Frustrated with this knowledge, Bode invited Temi (as he now fondly called her) over.

They met on Saturday, they talked, and they played and joked around. Finally it was time for Temila to leave and he saw her off to the gate as her car was parked outside. Overwhelmed with emotion and consumed with the feeling of loss that came with not talking to her again, Bode kissed her – this time urgently, needy and pleading. He couldn’t let go and it drove him crazy that she kissed him back, but they couldn’t stop and were unaware that he had carried her to his room.

He kissed, he searched and he explored every inch of her body. He ran his tongue down her neck, kissed the sweet velvety smoothness of her skin, caressed her breasts and took them in one by one, the sound that escaped her drove him crazy – he couldn’t be sated. He was like a tamed animal. She was clearly as aroused as he was; she desperately clung to his shirt and fumbled with the buttons, she impatiently yanked it off his body spilling buttons all over their bodies, Bode stopped for a minute to remove his arms from the shirt and dropped it on the floor. He reached for her gown and peeled it off her skin, kissing her and taking her to the greatest heights of pleasure imaginable, he stopped as he uncovered her breasts and sucked in some air as he beheld perfectly moulded B-cups with the nipples pointing right at him as if daring him to touch them. He reached for it and instead of suckling; he nipped it with his teeth causing Temi to jerk a little both from the pain and the bolt of pleasure that shot through her being. She could feel pressure building up in her very being, she wasn’t sure she would be able to hold herself together again, he had driven her to peak and his too and just as he was going to plunge in, he heard her say please – she wasn’t begging to be released, she was begging to be taken and be made a woman but he heard it all wrong and all the thoughts came in at once – and the next thing he did astounded him.

“GET OUT” he said, his voice laced with anger stemming from the ridiculous mess he was just about to make

She felt like she had been slapped, she blinked, she had heard him wrong she hoped; was Bode telling her to get out, how could he after all that just happened, when he knew that she wanted him as much as he did her?. But she heard him cursing under his breath as he said again, but gently this time ‘Temila, please go now and don’t look for me again’

Crying silently she regained her composure and straightened herself out, walked with her head held high to the car, got in and drove home.

Immediately after she left, Bode sat down, with his head held in his hands he burst into tears, crying non-stop at the realization that he just lost a rare gem, he couldn’t call her anymore; she was just too young and he knew better, she was so right yet so wrong at the same time. He wasn’t sure he would be able to love any other like he loved her, so he wept for his loss.

On getting home, Temila said a greeting to her mum and dad, played with her little sister a while and went up to her room, where she locked the door, flung herself on the bed and cried. She felt humiliated, worse than her school treatment, she felt used and blamed herself for responding but she loved him so. She didn’t plan to fall in love with him but she had. Over the next few days, she didn’t come out of her room, she didn’t bath or eat, she just stared at her phone all day but Bode didn’t call and even when she tried his number she met with a disconnected signal; so she worried, cried, sank into depression and  just laid there like a lump. After days of not hearing from her, her door was forced open by her dad’s locksmith and what they found chilled them to their bone marrow, she was immediately given medical treatment. Her dad was sick with worry, what happened to his princess, her mum blamed herself and Sheifa flew in from Australia – his sister had practically tried to off herself.

It took her two months to get herself back and several visits to the psychiatrist and none of the sessions ever yielded results, she had blanked out Bode’s name from her memory. He was dead to her. Finally summoning up the courage, she called her family and told them the truth about school and asked her dad that she go back with her brother to begin a new life and school there, her dad readily agreed.

Bode’s life took a drastic turn not long after his “break-up” with Temi, at first He couldn’t concentrate properly at work, then it was found out that some of his staff were involved in shady dealings, his branch was robbed twice in a week by the same gang carting away a lot of money and valuables worth billions of naira. His health deteriorated rapidly until he was very incoherent, it looked like all the proverbial odds were stacked fully against him. His friends tried as much as they could, helping him out both financially and medically all to no avail, the final decision was to contribute some money and send him out of the country both for medical assistance and to see if the change in atmosphere would help revive him from the perceived “Hibernation” he was currently in.

On a fateful November morning, Temi smiled as she made her way to the departure terminal at MM2 and bade Bode and Nigeria goodbye for the last time, unknowing to her Bode too was been whisked to the Airport against his wishes to move out of the country. It was inevitably a day to relive old memories and get set for new ones. 

Temi cheerfully breezed through as she was checked in and she proceeded to the airplane, hand luggage in hand, other luggage been dragged behind her by a porter, she failed to notice someone been wheeled onto the airplane via a ramp that had been placed just beside the steps. As she settled down into her seats, brought out her headphones to listen to some music her shoulders was tapped by a flight hostess, “Ma’am could you please step out so the other passenger would be settled into his seat” she asked politely “Ok” Temi replied and the hostess called down the walkway “Bring him in” Temi stood aside as they wheeled in a gentleman and she felt a little sorry for the kind of pain the man could be in; as they wheeled him closer, the gentleman’s features gradually became clearer, and she gasped aloud as she recognized Bode!!!



26 Apr

Ok………… Errrm I brought in a very special person (@pulchae) to write this with me and “Boy is she Good?? Hmmmmnnnn” Well Hope you enjoy……….


Bode couldn’t help but wonder anytime He gave thoughts to how far He had come, from a childhood where He had virtually nothing to a branch manager at one of the most prestigious banks in the country, it was indeed a tale of From “Grass to Grace”, yet He couldn’t help but feel a pang of sadness as He remembered his late parents, his Mum who died while he was still in secondary school, and his Dad after struggling to give him the best education died of a massive coronary not long after he got his appointment letter. He picked a stone at his foot and threw absent-minded in front of him as he strolled, reminiscing about the good old days, his current job, his decision to take a few weeks of leave long overdue, he made a mental note to call his Head of Operations (Hops) for the lowdown on how the day went.

At 33, he could be termed “successful”, and the only achievement left, according to his colleagues is marriage; “Ah” He sighed out loud, that unnecessarily overrated evil, after his girlfriend of 6 years broke up with him a year back, he had put his heart, body and soul into his work, thus conveniently having no time for dating or going out. He was practically bullied into taking this time off by his friends so he’ll have more time to look around and hopefully snag himself a very fine woman that he’ll eventually settle down with.

Humming, Temi kicked the dust with her feet, it was just one of those days that she wished she had never been born but she had learnt to slowly mask the pain that sometimes came at times like this. She did not understand why her life wasn’t any different though, the circumstances of her birth had been perfect, more than perfect in fact. She had been born with a silver spoon surrounded with all the opulence that the world could afford yet it wasn’t enough for people to leave her alone. They tagged her as weird and she remembered all the times she had screamed from the agony that came with the taunts. Who were these people, these aliens that tagged her different because of the circumstances of her birth, it wasn’t her fault her mom was from a different nationality; she had thought that might have been a plus – she had seen movies, heard stories of how people favoured half-caste so why was her case different?

Temila didn’t know she was a beauty to behold hence the hatred from her school-mates especially the girls. At their young ages, they knew the problem this posed for them but what they didn’t know she was as uncertain as they were, if they knew this, they might have put a lid on their envy but they were envious anyway, it couldn’t be helped. Her heritage alone spoke of beauty in all its splendour. She was a half-caste; her mum was birth and brought up by Turkish parents and she was a goddess to behold. Her dad was a prince from the Edo clan, how could a young girl have it all – how could she be so rich and yet so beautiful. So she was socially ostracised by her peers, even the boys were not allowed to speak to her for fear of trouble of their names being written down for punishments by the girl gang leader – the class captain.


The only person Temila could talk to was miles away, her elder brother Sheifa was studying abroad and her kid sister was barely a baby; she would never understand what her 15-year-old sister wanted to talk about.

“What am I going to do?” she muttered to herself, her mother had brought her up the way a princess was meant to be raised. She was meant to hold her own anywhere and never seek solace in anyone else they take her for granted; and here she was languishing in distress and not knowing what she would do about the bullies and the emotional pain it all caused her. She just couldn’t understand that the beauty she was so unaware of, that everyone saw but her was the cause for the lapse in judgment by her colleagues.

Temila was a breath-taking young woman, at the tender age of 15, she had a body to die for – her curves filled in at all the right places. Her boobs were well rounded B-cups that were beautifully carved like a Picasso portrait and were firm and full. Her hips were just curved at the right places and her butts were nicely shaped work of art; everything so proportionate and unique to her shape, her waist tiny and dignifying to behold. She was a woman through and through and yet oblivious; she had a body like a porcelain doll, so delicate you were afraid to touch it, she was a young goddess and was revered by all who beheld her. She walked the streets and heads turned, mouths watered but because they knew she was from a powerful family, no one dared touch her. She was out of reach for all asking. Her father’s daughter and in turn her father loved his most precious jewel – he loved all his children but Temila had the distinct naiveté of a child and yet possessed so much wisdom at such age old things, her family marvelled. People loved her and that’s why she could never understand the hatred of her school mates and she had to talk to someone or she might lose herself.

It was the last day of school, taking her usual drive around the estate; aware that she wasn’t concentrating due to the fact that she was contemplating whether to own up to her mum or not, though she could imagine what her reply would sound like already “I’m busy baby, talk to your father now” like her father could understand the taunts and jeers of her female classmates? She stopped the car – hadn’t one of the first words of her driving instructor been ‘Never drive in a bad frame of mind’ so she turned off the engine, stepped out of the car and started walking.

Bode continued with his soliloquy until suddenly he noticed a cream, sleek Peugeot 406 driving down the road, such a colour was very unusual for such model since it was only top military personnel and stinking rich politicians that cruised around in such cars. The car suddenly slowed to a halt, to his uttermost surprise a Lady stepped out, without taking a backward glance at the car she slammed the door and started walking albeit aimlessly.

He quickly summoned up courage and walked closer, catching up with her rather quickly; he tapped her shoulders and spoke softly “Hello” he couldn’t help but admire her ample behind a he tapped her once more calling out softly “Hello dear” yet she seemed totally oblivious of the fact that someone was even behind her, it wasn’t until Bode shook her shoulders in a desperate attempt to get her attention before she turned around and looked at him. He found himself looking into the loveliest, warmest eyes ever, though he could see some pain beneath her brown eyes, he couldn’t stop himself from chuckling out loud “Stop staring” yet she seemed not to notice. He laughed out loud and continued “Didn’t your mum tell you it is rude to stare?” he could tell she was embarrassed because her face flushed crimson and she bit her lip as she answered “Sorry”. It was his turn to stare now, such lovely English accent from this damsel, he couldn’t help but marvel at her well rounded bosom, a figure that thousands of girls would kill for, he could tell she was young, 18/19 or thereabout. To quickly hide the fact that he was gaping, he prompted “oh not to worry, I was just wondering why a young girl like you would just park her car and walk off not even bothering to lock up or something, any problem?, I’m Bode Oke by the way” He added.

“Temila Amaso” she replied “I have a bit of school problem and was just wondering how to resolve it” she continued, Bode couldn’t hide his astonishment at recognising her name “Temilola Amaso, the revered princess who her Father cherished more than life itself, the apple of her father’s eyes, his colleagues at the office always had several stories of their attempts to woo her and I turn get her father to bank with them, all to no avail”.

He was still in a state of being incredulous, but Temi had already launched into her tale of woes, Bode half listened and half stared at the way her soft, pink lips were moving, the expressions on her face as she described each experience in the clearest detail, he couldn’t help but marvel at her facial structure, the precise cut of her cheekbone to match her pointed nose, cheeks that puffed slightly as a result of the overwhelming emotions she felt from describing her experience in school. “What do you think I should do?” she said pulling him out of his reverie, he couldn’t help but marvel at the exquisite beauty and the perfect aura that was flowing from Temi, he stepped forward, held her in his arms and gently whispered “You’ll be fine”, He guided her back to her car, opened the driver’s side like a perfect gentleman bade her enter, then he went ahead to join her in the passenger’s seat. Tears were flowing down her face freely, and she made no attempt to wipe them off, Bode reached for her face, brought out his handkerchief and gently dabbed at all the teardrops until she stopped, then he looked her in the eye and said “For a teenager, you sure do have the odds stacked against you, but I believe you’ll get through each and every one of them”; she managed to smile back at him and answered shyly “Thank you”.

Temi could still feel Bode’s hand on her cheek, she reached for it, placed her hands gently over his and rubbed it silently looking away, her chests heaving with each breathe she took, Bode in turn looked closely at her, lifted up her chin and leant forward pausing right at the tip of her lips like he was requesting permission, Temi couldn’t help but open up to him, and he claimed her lips in what could be described as an explosive kiss. At first Temi was so shocked by the suddenness of the kiss, she was immediately out of breathe, but she quickly recovered, and she closed her eyes to savour the scent of his after shave; she gradually opened up her mouth giving his tongue access, probing every corner, crevice in her mouth and taking her to heights of pleasure she had only read about.

Bode was totally lost in the moment, he could taste the flavour of her lips, it was intoxicating yet enticing, he couldn’t help but demand for more, he reached over to place his hands on her breasts but somewhere in his subconscious a voice told him to stop. At first he declined and moved to touch the soft, succulent mould but self-control took over and he brought down his hand, breaking the kiss too all in one motion. He stepped swiftly out of her car, without as much as a goodbye so he wouldn’t be tempted to stay longer; he turned his back and walked off briskly…

(To be Continued…)


16 Apr

I was 18years old, and contrary to everyone’s belief I was still a virgin (Although I had my first sexual encounter when I was 9 with my landlord’s daughter who was a few years older), but I’m not sure that counts…. Does it? Anyways I just got back from school after a very stressful first semester, and I was really looking forward to xmas with all the pomp and pageantry it entails, siblings coming home with all my nephews and nieces, lots and lots of food and drinks, e.t.c

As I entered my room, I noticed my bed was laid, (It is always filled with clothes X_X) everywhere was well arranged, it looked like someone had been living in the room while I was away at school. I called out to my Mum and asked why my room was this neat “Oh” she replied “One of your cousins is staying with us for his youth service, but He’s home for xmas now, He’ll be back early next year”. I shook my head, honestly dumbfounded and went inside to continue unpacking but not before my curiosity got the most of me to take a look at my supposed “cousin’s” bag.

I unzipped the the pockets on the side, my heart beat increasing as I dipped my hand inside retrieving it almost immediately as I felt a sting, “Needles and stuff” I said out loud, hissing loudly as I reached for the second pocket and then I felt a small carton, I brought it out and it was a pack of condoms, looking so rough. I opened it, there was just a foil wrapper left, I rightly guessed that the remaining two had been put to good use, I quickly zipped the pockets closed as I heard footsteps approaching my room and hid the pack in my dirty laundry.

Later that night, I was in my room alone, everyone watching a Yoruba movie in the sitting room, (Cinema *with deep yoruba intonation*, as I usually called it) and I just started reading a novel by Julie Garwood “Prince Charming” really sensual and lusciously romantic, I kept on reading while my mind drifted back to the pack in my dirty laundry. I couldn’t wait for everyone to go to sleep so I could really examine and learn the intricacies of a condom, it was my first time handling it. I continued reading the novel, getting really engrossed in the “sex” parts and all the detailed descriptions of the female anatomy, my brain helping me to visualize it vividly in color 😉

Not too long after, my Mum called out for the evening devotion, and as soon as it was over I came back into my room, reached for the pack, removed the foil and sat on my bed to examine the condom in full detail. I glanced at my door, making sure it was locked as I opened the foil wrapper to see one of the ugliest, slimiest objects ever, I wondered why anyone would choose to wear this on their manhood, and proceeded to pull down my boxers to check it out on myself. I looked over the foil wrapper for instructions, but found none then I looked at the pack and found the words “Place at tip then roll inwards” I quickly grasped what it meant and I looked at my small tumescent penis, the condom itself would conveniently swallow it; I wondered what I could do to get an erection, then I remembered seeing in a movie an”up-down” movement of the palm on the surface of the penis.

I quickly put back the condom in its wrapper and placed my palm on the tip of my penis, rubbing it downwards and expecting it a miracle, but nothing happened; I intensified the process, accidentally scratching myself in the process,  then I thought of using a “Lubricant”, so I reached for my body cream (Vaseline), applied some on my hand and rubbed it over my penis. Surprisingly it felt good, really good, so I continued rubbing, up and down, up and down and then my Penis miraculously grew to almost 5times its original size, at this time the sensations I was feeling was so much I had to lay back on my bed and just continue…

Scenes from the sex parts of the novel I was reading flashed across my eyes, as my body steadily built itself all my thoughts centering around those scenes in the novel, the sensation was just beyond words, my whole body stiffened as I felt a weird feeling in my penis like I wanted to pee, but I couldn’t hold it in hard as I tried. All I could do was intensify the speed with which my hand was rubbing my penis, squeezing and rubbing at the same time, “Tolu” I heard my Mum call out to me, I sighed as my Penis went limp and hung sadly as I hastily reached for my towel and went to her room. All she wanted was for me not to forget to switch off the light before I slept, I said I heard and went back to my room to try to continue my adventure.

As I placed my hand on my penis, it responded and I started again, rubbing up and down, squeezing a little and rubbing up and down but after a while I started feeling an ache in my arms, and nothing was happening. I reached for my body cream and applied more to my palm and continued rubbing, still my penis was just tumescent. Then I had a brain flash, “Why not read my novel and continue?” I immediately reached for the book and started reading the sex parts while I pumped myself vigorously, scratching myself repeatedly but not minding.

I started feeling my erection again, and then glorious sensations started flooding my body system as I continued rubbing, squeezing and pumping, my body stiffened again as I automatically dropped my novel and concentrated on my penis. I felt that urge once more and this time I knew even if my Mum called, I would be in no position to answer as the feeling was just heavenly, the veins in my penis were so noticeably thick, and for a brief second I was horrified that I would pee on my bed but as if to answer my question my penis jerked a little as some creamish/white fluid spilled off the tip, splattering my stomach and then gushing out continuously into my palm as I experienced my first “Climax”. Thus began my love affair with “Vaselina”…. 😀 😀

The Execution

10 Apr

The arena was packed full

If people had to pay before entrance, I’m sure the organizers would be grinning wildly like “cheshire cats” at the huge profits they would realize from this, but that was no the case. There were  no chants, stomping of feet or songs that usually accompanied events in this place, instead there was a sound like waterfall, as a result of the murmuring of the crowd, each wondering the cause for the impromptu gathering. The next meeting was still 5days away, but apparently this was an emergency so they had to leave their stores and their businesses to witness it.

I remained huddled in the with the rest of my people, trying to stay warm even as our necks, hands and feet had been chained together, not for once looking defeated, but with looks of defiance in varying degrees mirrored in one another’s faces. Someone coughed behind me and I turned round to see my sister, her once shiny black hair that I loved running my hands through as she brushed it now roughly woven and brown, her ever smiling dimpled face now pale with sunken cheeks. She tried in vain to give me a hopeful smile but I reached out for her hand and squeezed it reassuringly, I couldn’t help but remember this same gesture between our parents as they gave up their lives for ours a while back. They thought we would be safe, and that we would live to “ripe old age” (whatever that means…..) but I guess they would be disappointed, seeing as we had no plan so f living any longer than they did. Immediately they ceased to exist in our lives, we swore solemnly to ourselves to either avenge their deaths or die trying, we were about to do both.

A hush fell over the gathering as the ruling members of the “Elite” filed in from the secret chambers they held their meetings, having decided on our fate and the fate of the rest of the members of the “Sect” locked up with us. The “Elite” and The “Sect” had been at each other’s necks since the beginning of time, one thrived at the expense of the other, we were taught to despise any association with the “elite” or their numerous followers; they were not to be trusted and I suppose they must have said the same to their followers as regards members of the “Sect”.

Though I must say, my life was pretty boring and uneventful till the day I was summoned to witness the “phony trial” of my parents, there and then I became a fanatic. My parents were gruesomely executed in an act of betrayal by the “Elite”, the same “Elite” that would soon have us killed in like manner, the “Elite” in guise of a truce called the ruling members of the “Sect” to a meeting with them to end all differences on supposed neutral territory, but it turned out to be a trap. They abducted them and made a flagrant display of their execution all over the federation, with numerous networks broadcasting live, visual images to millions of viewers all over the federation, now they are about to witness the first of many attacks against the “Elite”, perhaps the greatest.

The crowd suddenly started a rumble which gradually evolved into a chant, signifying the arrival of the leader of the ruling members of the “Elite”, The-One-Who-Is-The-One they call him. I couldn’t hide the smile on my face and I looked around to see it being mirrored on the faces of my people, this is the proverbial “Icing on the Cake”. “The-One-Who-Is-The-One” only made an appearance when the ruling council of the “Elite” didn’t have a unanimous vote on the fate of the “Condemned”, it was indeed a rare sight to see him in the arena, clothed in a flowing cloak of ash, with a little clack hat right in the middle of his head.

This was one blow I was sure the “Elite” would never recover from, at least not until they have another leader as fearless as “The-One-Who-Is-The-One”, the “Sect” would regain full dominion over the federation and our parent’s death would be rightly avenged.

As “The-One-Who-Is-The-One” raised his hand, the crowd kept quiet and the only sounds were from our ragged uneven breaths, and the jangling of the chains as we moved our malnourished bodies towards the center of the arena. I gave my sister a look of hope and satisfaction that we would soon be with our parents in the great beyond, while I silently depressed the button that had been disguised in the recess of my mouth as a false tooth.

I held on tightly to her as the first waves signaling the beginning of the implosion passed through the arena, knocking us all down on our faces, upsetting everyone in the stands, while the members of the ruling council held on to the pillars of the arena for support, they apparently forgot the architect of the arena was a member of the “Sect”

But I’m getting way ahead of myself, this is supposed to be just an introduction not the details of “Our Execution”, so let’s back up a bit………………..

(To be continued…………………..)

Wedding “P” (Conclusion)

4 Apr

NB: All of you with several endings to this post well Here goes…………… Enjoy……………………

Kunle threw a playful jab at me, but I ducked and ran outside straight into Uche, Faith’s Fiancee……………

The collision was unavoidable,

I was going too fast to veer off and he was  walking directly on my part, I guess he was on his way to talk to the groom or something…….

I collided into his 6ft plus well built body frame and we bought fell flat on the floor, well he fell flat to the floor and cushioned my fall so I kinda fell on top of him. “Ouch” Faith screamed and ran towards him to help him up while I struggled to stand but he shrugged her off and started walking towards me.

“S-s-s-sorry man” I stuttered, “wasn’t really looking, and I didn’t know you were coming in” I continued, looking around at the furtive looks people in the room had on their faces, the tension in the room I’m sure could be sliced with  a knife. Everyone in the room were looking at Uche, expecting his reaction, I was already flinching as I expected a well placed punch or something worse but even I didn’t expect what He did next…….

He stretched out his hand and said “nah man, its aiit I’m Uche, hope you’re okay though?” mouth wide open, I stretched my hand out at him too in slow motion and stammered “I’m Akin, yeah I’m okay…” “I know who you are man” He answered, and grasped my hand in a firm handshake, I quickly flexed my hands and held his firmly too but his grip was firmer than mine. I suffered in silence while we continued staring at each other and exchanging forced pleasantries, “So we rolling tonight together yeah?” He asks “eeerr…. I’m not too sure” I was about to say, but he cut me short, “Let’s roll then and leave this young couple to themselves or what do you think?” I quickly nodded and he threw his arms around me as we proceeded outside.

I threw a long look at Kunle, “Do something” I tried mouthing at him, but he was engrossed in a long kiss with his wife attracting cheers and hoots from everyone in the room. Faith held on to her fiance’s hand as we stepped out of the house but quickly excused herself to go inside to freshen up, winking at me as she left, I couldn’t help but stare as she swung her hips suggestively on her way back into the house. I looked about hoping no one else caught the look she gave me, holding my breath but I guessed I was the only one that saw the look; as I let out the breath with a sigh Uche said beside me “Thanks for keeping my woman company, she’s really a handful yeah?” “W-w-what?” I stammered “Oh, yeah she is and you’re welcome” I continued looking into his face for any sign of sarcasm.

By this time we were close to the car, and I noticed with relief that his other friends were in the other cars getting ready for our night of debauchery; as I reached for the handle of the car, he suddenly shoved me against the nearest wall and stared at me with one of the coldest looks of fury I’ve ever seen in a human being. “I assume you didn’t do anything with Faith……………” “eeerrrr” I flinched, “Did You?” he spat at me “Nothing, we did nothing except dance together” I quickly replied, “Lets just hope that’s true” he answered, “For the sake of both of us” he added and went to join his friends

I was still trying to figure out what he meant as I stepped into the car and prepared to move when I heard a knock on the passenger’s window, I looked and saw Faith beckoning at me to open the door, I disengaged the central lock and she slid in, as we drove out of the house in a convoy to a joint on the island to chill out.

We got to the joint and after the waiter took our orders, Uche stood up and beckoned at me to follow him, we walked a little distance away from the joint and He sat me down as he told me the words that sent chills down my spine. “You have no choice but to open up to me man, Did you or did you not have sex with Faith?” he said “It’s all for your own good”, he added. At first the “No” was on the tip of my lips, but with the way he said it and all, I could tell he was genuinely concerned, I looked first in his face, then at the floor and nodded.

I didn’t see the punch coming at all, it was so fast it felt like a bolt of lightning struck me full in the face, I could already taste blood in my mouth, and a few fragments of broken tooth. I held up my hand to block the second punch, but he used the left hand instead and this time I was knocked out cold……

When I came to, I was back in the house, Kunle and Titi obviously had postponed their honeymoon, and were in the room,Titi on his laps as they watched over me. My whole body felt like I’d been run over by a freight train, I didn’t even bother asking them what happened, I just silently stood up against their cries of “You need rest” “You have broken ribs” “You are in no condition to move around” and went to where my bags were, I flinched as I reached for them and proceeded to the door.

On my way out, I met Faith outside with Uche, holding arms like two people freshly in love, they were so engrossed they didn’t even notice I was walking by, I silently went out the main gate and beckoned for a taxi to get me to the park, I planned to chatter a cab straight home.

A few minutes after I left the house, my phone rang, I picked it up and it was…………………..




Wedding “P” (4)

4 Apr

NB: I’ll probably finish it today, so just hang around…………

I couldn’t help but thank God once more for such a wonderful “catch”, seeing as Kunle already had some friends of his bring over ladies for our company tonight……..


I answered and said “You know what the surprise is now, don’t you?” “I don’t” she innocently replied, licking her so succulent lips seductively and giggling, I bit my lips as I could feel my “member” responding to her, like it suddenly developed a mind of its own. She looked down at it and smiled “Waow, so soon”, I shrugged and concentrated on making sure we got to the house safely but not until she had her way again…………….. 😉

We drove in and met her boyfriend outside with some other friends waiting for her I guessed, she looked at me and apologized in advance “I’ll join you inside in a while okay?” “No probs” I replied and proceeded to the main house while she detoured and went to her boyfriend, cheerfully calling out “My darling!!!”, I chuckled to myself and went inside, mentally replaying her “soundtrack” and grinning like a “cheshire cat”.

I spotted the groom as I stepped inside the living room, with his wife, thanking everyone and just having fun, but as soon as they saw me everyone went quiet and I started hearing several snide comments which I paid no attention to. I called out to him “Mr and Mrs Owolabi, so happy for you guys” “Thanks man” He answered cheerfully, “really appreciate it” he added. “So where are we going this evening man?” I continued, “You guys are hanging out with the ladies alone man, I’m gonna be with my angel right here” He said looking his wife in the eyes, “What?” I retorted “You won’t be coming with us?”. He might as well just signed my death sentence, how did he expect me to hang out with “The Guys”?, faith’s boyfriend and his crew inclusive? “Lailai I no dey go o” I continued and turned away to get my travelling bag.

“And where do you think you’re going this late” Titi said behind me, I quickly composed my facial features, forced a smile and answered “Back to Ib jare”, “But that’s not possible” she continued “It’s already late, besides you’re supposed to take us to the Airport tomorrow remember?” “Shit,” I swore out loud, quickly adding an apology “I’m sorry” (Titi hated “swear words”). But I totally forgot I was supposed to take them to the Airport for their flight to South Africa, though Titi didn’t know where they were going for the honeymoon, it was still a secret between Kunle and I.

“Besides” she continued “After the whole drama you acted at the reception with Faith, Uche’s fiance, don’t you think you owe us all an explanation before you run off?” “Fiance?” I repeated “Damn!!! this just gets better and better” How on earth did I get myself into all these? I said to no one in particular “By being the “Horny” player you’ve always been” Kunle replied as he walked up to us, hugged Titi and continued “No offense man, but you really need to reel in your line and stick to one woman”. “Thanks for the advice Mr I-will-not-get-married-till-I’m-at-least-28” I retorted playfully tapping his head and winking at Titi “You sure reeled in his long line” I continued, emphasizing the “Long”.

Kunle threw a playful jab at me, but I ducked and ran outside straight into Uche, Faith’s Fiancee…………..


(To be continued….)

NB- The next part is the Last part… I promise…. 😉 Or maybe not… Hehehehehe

Wedding “P” (3)

3 Apr

NB: I’m trying as much as I can to make this sexually acceptable so bear with me, I’ll not include these parts………….. Or maybe I will……….. 😉

……especially her boyfriend’s friends……..

My heart literally skipped the proverbial beat, as pleasure shot right from the crown of my head to the sole of my feet, I couldn’t resist the moan that escaped my mouth, quickly ending it by engaging her mouth in a kiss that was sure to leave us both breathless. She giggled once more, sending shivers down my spine as she whispered in my ears “Let’s get out of here”, “My thoughts exactly” I groaned back, still very much at the peak of my sexual excitement; I told her to let us take a minute so I can get my erection under control and at least leave the hall with what was left of my/our dignity.

She expertly arranged her dress and stood up, looking as wonderful as ever, but with a blush fully noticeable from a distance, I quickly rearranged my “member”, placing it securely under my belt, at least till it “cools off”….. ;-). We headed to the entrance of the hall while catching some of the coldest stares possible from Faith’s boyfriend and his Guys, the words “If Looks could kill” couldn’t have been more appropriate, i was sure I would be “Dead and Gone” by now. I don’t know where the braveness came from, but all of a sudden I summoned up unusual courage and grabbed Faith’s well endowed posterior as we went through the doors, looking back and throwing a wink at everyone and no one in particular.

Suddenly my phone rang and I cursed loudly when I saw the caller Id, it was Kunle the groom, I picked and answered cheerfully, “whats up man? Missing me already?” He answered promptly “You know you’ll be the one missing me in a bit, anyways get your ass down to the house man, we’re all going out tonight, what the hell are you still doing at the reception venue anyways?” “Cool down bro, one question at a time” I calmly answered, “We’re on our way”, Kunle sighed and said “we? Hmmmnnn Akin!!!” I laughed and cut him off “my man, we go soon see jare”.

All this time, I could see Faith’s expression change from “Most cheerful” to “Lost Puppy” I couldn’t help but chuckle out loud and kissed her saying “Your looks won’t work on me dear, we’re going out tonight”, she pouted, turned her back to me and refused to get in the car with me. I then told her that I actually had a surprise for her before we go out with the groom and other people, so she should get in, on hearing that she grinned evilly at me and slid into her seat, flashing her stockings at me. I acted like I didn’t see it and moved over to get in the driver’s side but immediately I got in, right before I started the engine, while I was reaching over to fasten my seat belt, she reached over, unzipped  my trousers, and proceeded to end what she “started” on our seat in the hall…..

We ended up having “vanilla sex” in the car straight up, not minding that any oncoming car with powerful headlamps would pick us out in the act, but we were too engrossed to even mind, she rode me perfectly well till she climaxed. Because of the awkwardness of the position, I couldn’t climax properly so I got a little assistance from her 😉 (If you know what I mean). When we were both “spent” she slid back into her seats and gave me a wink, rearranging her dress yet again and looking so gorgeous I wanted to “have” her again, I controlled myself, fastened my seat belt as I started the car and pulled out of the parking space. 

As we drove out of the gates, my headlamps shone on some of Faith’s boyfriend’s friends, standing together obviously looking out for when we were going to leave the venue, I guessed they didn’t see us leave the gates and wondered what we were doing in the parking lot since we left the hall proper. Faith surprised me again by rolling down the car windows and waving at her boyfriend’s friends, even asking if they were also hanging put with us tonight, they said they were not sure yet and that we probably would see later that evening. She said goodbye and I drove out, trying my best not to burst out laughing at the looks I saw on their faces.

She turned to me and asked in a innocent tone “So am I still getting my surprise?”I almost swerved off my lane as I stared at her mouth wide open, perfectly aware that she knew what I was talking about when I said I had a surprise for her, but she kept up her innocent look, not blinking at all. Either she’s a very good actor,a lady with a very active libido, or she was just plain dumb, which I didn’t believe.

I couldn’t help but thank God once more for such a wonderful “catch”, seeing as Kunle already had some friends of his bring over ladies for our company tonight……..

(To be continued….)


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