Dilemma 2

30 Apr

‘How crazy can I get?’ she screamed at herself in frustration hours later alone in her room ‘I don’t even know anything about him and I kissed him? What in heavens is wrong with me? What is it in Bode that I just find captivating, he is not all that but still he draws me’ there was no accursed thing she didn’t call herself, her mum had raised her better than to behave like a wanton prostitute – she thought to herself. What in heaven’s name had beguiled her, even Bode was as surprised as she was by her actions but he had returned the kiss with as much fervour as she had given it, his lips on hers was gentle but firm, searching for answers and yet shy at the same time but still seeking more. Just as it was getting more intense and more passion resonated, He had jumped out of her car, leaving her all flustered and looking like a “lost love-sick, sex-starved puppy”. She couldn’t help but smile a little as she remembered his cologne, very masculine and sexy, it must have been the scent that really drew her in she concluded.

‘Where in all of Jupiter had she even learnt how to kiss?’  She wondered still and groaned inwardly. Too much of DSTV was affecting her thinking faculties, she read too much of all those novels too. She would not subscribe for the next one and from now she was trashing all her silhouettes and opting for more Francine Rivers, those would speak some god-sense into her and she would never see Bode again, he was too dangerous for mental health. With those decisions made, she threw herself into a fitful sleep.

Bode couldn’t help but chide himself repeatedly at his own act of stupidity, “She’s a Kid” his subconscious screamed at him, though he enjoyed the kiss he was definitely not expecting that Temi would respond readily and warmly to him. Girls were generally supposed to be more disciplined and strong willed when it comes to such situations “Why was this different?” he asked himself, there was no way he was seeing her again, he concluded. Her sexuality was too much for him to handle, he wasn’t sure he could trust himself around her and there was no way he was going to find out, he resolved in his heart.  He laughed at himself for acting like a kid back there though, running out like the proverbial dog with his tail between his legs, not even saying a proper goodbye like a gentleman should, “I’m 33 for God’s sake not 18” he scolded himself mentally. He resolved that he would find a way to get in touch with her once more, at least to undo the obviously bad impression he must have left by just walking off; he groaned inwardly as he remembered that there was no way to contact her as he didn’t get her mobile number, “Shame on you” his subconscious said again, shaking his head bitterly he entered his compound and proceeded to his apartment.

Bode was thinking about Temi all through the next few days, he made up his mind to retrace the steps he took that fateful day and hope for a miracle, his friends wouldn’t stop making jest of him anytime they called or sent him a message or chatted with him. One of his more prolific friends Tolu went to the extreme and wrote a poem about it tagging it “Misused Opportunity”; he chuckled to himself as he remembered the embellishments Tolu added to the poem, and the dramatic way  he concluded the poem, a “and they lived happily ever after” fairy tale ending.

As Bode got closer to the “spot” as he now called it, his heartbeat increased in its intensity as he mentally relived their meet, and all that ensued after, but he was to be disappointed because the street was as empty as a Monday morning church. He walked the whole length of the street thrice all to no avail, it wasn’t until one of his neighbours called him to come move his car so she could drive out that he turned back and headed home. As he was backing out of his compound, he spotted a cream Peugeot 406 car as it sped down the other side of the road and he was just able to catch a glimpse of the driver, Temi… He quickly reversed and zoomed after her, hoping to catch up but by the time he got to the next intersection make a U-turn and follow her, he already lost track of where she went to. He drove around a bit, negotiating corners, driving down several streets in the neighbourhood, hoping against hope that he would come across her again but all to no avail. 

Temi was now very flustered, there was no way a man would have this much effect on her,” Could it be…? It can’t be” she answered herself immediately not giving thought to the question, “but it’s possible” she continued “well whatever” she concluded and moved on to finish up her packing for school.

Over the course of the week, she found herself going back to the ‘scene of the crime’ she had termed it and was annoyed with herself at the disappointment she felt at not meeting Bode those times. Just as she had all but given up three weeks later, she sighted him watching her from a distance by some divine miracle which coincidentally happened to the fact that a kid with a bicycle ran into him.

She walked up to him and glowered at him ‘Have you been watching me all these while?’ she asked, he nodded. ‘Coward! So you see me and you are not man enough to walk up to me just because of a kiss that almost possibly meant nothing’ she lied through her teeth

‘It wasn’t just a kiss Temila and I am so attracted to you, it’s wrong. Do you even know how old I am? You are barely a child; my guess would be between 16 and 17. I am 33 you know?’

‘I am 15’ she heard him groan

‘What are you doing? Do you want to get me arrested by your dad? Or worse still a law suit filed against me which would make me lose my job?’

‘I just like talking to you, you listen and I am sorry’ she sobbed ‘I don’t want to get you into any trouble just say you will be my friend because I need someone to talk to else I will lose my mind soon enough’

‘Ok’ he replied ‘I would do you one good, how about we exchange numbers and addresses just for futuristic sake and if you need anything at all. My leave will soon be over and you can call me anytime and if I don’t answer I will always call back’

‘Good solution, I agree and that way we both save ourselves a whole lot of trouble’ she wiped her face and grinned.

Over the next month of the holidays, they spoke about everything and nothing. He had become her confidante, she found out all about him – his work with Paramount Bank; one of the classiest banks and he was a brand manager, an advertising guru to be exact and he was so smart. He was so open about himself, his family, his dreams and everything. He had come from a poor background and was an only child. His mum had died at the tender age of 12 and his dad had never remarried but had done all he could to send him to the best school despite their pitiable living conditions; some days they went without food just so he could go to school. He had been raised to be grateful for everything he got and he loved his dad but just as he was handed his appointment letter, his dad suffered from a stroke and died – the years had taken their toll on the man, yet he kept it all to himself. He had wept, he told her and with each day he promised to make him proud. He had dated just one girl, who broke up with him a year ago, he had felt the loss but he hadn’t minded and here he was a well accomplished young executive and heading one of Nigeria’s most prestigious Banks.

He made her grateful for the life she lived and her family. Often, her mother wondered who made Temila laugh out loud over the phone but she thought it was one of her school mates and was finally glad she had made a friend because she had begun to worry; what might become of her young daughter if she had no friends to share her days. So she never questioned and on the occasion that she did, she told her he was a friend she met in the estate and she had never questioned further believing he was a teenager like her and just advised her to be careful.

Temila and Bode’s friendship soared and grew. They spoke every day and he slowly helped lift the mist over her, she was juvenile again as she should have been in the first place. Bode was sometimes astounded at the wisdom she possessed, the way she helped reason out problems that came with work left him awestruck at times but he never said anything not because he didn’t believe in praising people but because he admired her and as insane as it seems he was beginning to fall in love with this 15-year-old prodigy who defied all human reasoning. He saw in her qualities he had never seen in any other lady and was transfixed, he thanked God because he had not seen her since the day they exchanged numbers and was only grateful because he didn’t know what he would do if she was within ten feet of him.

Temila on the other hand was glad she had a friend in Bode she could talk to, and couldn’t wait for his call each day. She could never place the way she felt and was sometimes weary; so most times she just watched the phone as it rang and defied picking his calls and not returning it either; at other times she couldn’t control herself and gave flimsy excuses for the days she couldn’t pick and was sometimes surprised at the hint of obvious concern and worry she always seemed to detect in his voice.

Bode’s face now had a permanent smile added to his features, he couldn’t help but smile a lot these days not because he was running mad or that his Job got easier, in fact it was tougher now that he was to head two branches, but the friendship with Temi suddenly made life much easier. He felt like he had been living life in “black and white” but now life is in “Technicolor, 3D HD”. There was no way he was letting go of this blessing into his life; since they started their friendship formally, after successfully overcoming the awkwardness of their first encounter, things had begun falling into place for him, he was now earning a cool 7-figure sum that could make any one’s mouth water.

3 months had passed; Temila and Bode became inseparably phone pals and didn’t go a day without text messages and calls flying back and forth between them. One day she let it drop that school would be resuming in two weeks and they may not talk as much because her dad always made sure to take possession of her phone and other devices except her laptop during school periods. Frustrated with this knowledge, Bode invited Temi (as he now fondly called her) over.

They met on Saturday, they talked, and they played and joked around. Finally it was time for Temila to leave and he saw her off to the gate as her car was parked outside. Overwhelmed with emotion and consumed with the feeling of loss that came with not talking to her again, Bode kissed her – this time urgently, needy and pleading. He couldn’t let go and it drove him crazy that she kissed him back, but they couldn’t stop and were unaware that he had carried her to his room.

He kissed, he searched and he explored every inch of her body. He ran his tongue down her neck, kissed the sweet velvety smoothness of her skin, caressed her breasts and took them in one by one, the sound that escaped her drove him crazy – he couldn’t be sated. He was like a tamed animal. She was clearly as aroused as he was; she desperately clung to his shirt and fumbled with the buttons, she impatiently yanked it off his body spilling buttons all over their bodies, Bode stopped for a minute to remove his arms from the shirt and dropped it on the floor. He reached for her gown and peeled it off her skin, kissing her and taking her to the greatest heights of pleasure imaginable, he stopped as he uncovered her breasts and sucked in some air as he beheld perfectly moulded B-cups with the nipples pointing right at him as if daring him to touch them. He reached for it and instead of suckling; he nipped it with his teeth causing Temi to jerk a little both from the pain and the bolt of pleasure that shot through her being. She could feel pressure building up in her very being, she wasn’t sure she would be able to hold herself together again, he had driven her to peak and his too and just as he was going to plunge in, he heard her say please – she wasn’t begging to be released, she was begging to be taken and be made a woman but he heard it all wrong and all the thoughts came in at once – and the next thing he did astounded him.

“GET OUT” he said, his voice laced with anger stemming from the ridiculous mess he was just about to make

She felt like she had been slapped, she blinked, she had heard him wrong she hoped; was Bode telling her to get out, how could he after all that just happened, when he knew that she wanted him as much as he did her?. But she heard him cursing under his breath as he said again, but gently this time ‘Temila, please go now and don’t look for me again’

Crying silently she regained her composure and straightened herself out, walked with her head held high to the car, got in and drove home.

Immediately after she left, Bode sat down, with his head held in his hands he burst into tears, crying non-stop at the realization that he just lost a rare gem, he couldn’t call her anymore; she was just too young and he knew better, she was so right yet so wrong at the same time. He wasn’t sure he would be able to love any other like he loved her, so he wept for his loss.

On getting home, Temila said a greeting to her mum and dad, played with her little sister a while and went up to her room, where she locked the door, flung herself on the bed and cried. She felt humiliated, worse than her school treatment, she felt used and blamed herself for responding but she loved him so. She didn’t plan to fall in love with him but she had. Over the next few days, she didn’t come out of her room, she didn’t bath or eat, she just stared at her phone all day but Bode didn’t call and even when she tried his number she met with a disconnected signal; so she worried, cried, sank into depression and  just laid there like a lump. After days of not hearing from her, her door was forced open by her dad’s locksmith and what they found chilled them to their bone marrow, she was immediately given medical treatment. Her dad was sick with worry, what happened to his princess, her mum blamed herself and Sheifa flew in from Australia – his sister had practically tried to off herself.

It took her two months to get herself back and several visits to the psychiatrist and none of the sessions ever yielded results, she had blanked out Bode’s name from her memory. He was dead to her. Finally summoning up the courage, she called her family and told them the truth about school and asked her dad that she go back with her brother to begin a new life and school there, her dad readily agreed.

Bode’s life took a drastic turn not long after his “break-up” with Temi, at first He couldn’t concentrate properly at work, then it was found out that some of his staff were involved in shady dealings, his branch was robbed twice in a week by the same gang carting away a lot of money and valuables worth billions of naira. His health deteriorated rapidly until he was very incoherent, it looked like all the proverbial odds were stacked fully against him. His friends tried as much as they could, helping him out both financially and medically all to no avail, the final decision was to contribute some money and send him out of the country both for medical assistance and to see if the change in atmosphere would help revive him from the perceived “Hibernation” he was currently in.

On a fateful November morning, Temi smiled as she made her way to the departure terminal at MM2 and bade Bode and Nigeria goodbye for the last time, unknowing to her Bode too was been whisked to the Airport against his wishes to move out of the country. It was inevitably a day to relive old memories and get set for new ones. 

Temi cheerfully breezed through as she was checked in and she proceeded to the airplane, hand luggage in hand, other luggage been dragged behind her by a porter, she failed to notice someone been wheeled onto the airplane via a ramp that had been placed just beside the steps. As she settled down into her seats, brought out her headphones to listen to some music her shoulders was tapped by a flight hostess, “Ma’am could you please step out so the other passenger would be settled into his seat” she asked politely “Ok” Temi replied and the hostess called down the walkway “Bring him in” Temi stood aside as they wheeled in a gentleman and she felt a little sorry for the kind of pain the man could be in; as they wheeled him closer, the gentleman’s features gradually became clearer, and she gasped aloud as she recognized Bode!!!


8 Responses to “Dilemma 2”

  1. Anu April 30, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Cool…can’t wait for d rest…gud job tolu

  2. bimbyz April 30, 2012 at 2:31 pm #

    Holy Molly!!!!!!Where’s d concluding part?Diz suspenze eez too much. Keep up d gud work. 😉

  3. TheManya April 30, 2012 at 3:24 pm #

    This is beautifully crafted…. Well seasoned… 😀 I can’t wait 4 d nxt installment…. (Y)

  4. @Oluwa_kemmy April 30, 2012 at 11:59 pm #

    Gosh!!!!! I luv dis. Nyc work…. Can’t wait 4 d rest…… Lovely piece….. (y)

  5. @courtney_winkn May 1, 2012 at 12:10 am #

    Me lyky tolu (y) 🙂

  6. Pensée May 3, 2012 at 10:30 pm #

    dude, i totally love your story line! and i hardly like stories these days but this definitely held me till the end, nyc…

  7. Pensée May 3, 2012 at 10:36 pm #

    btw…i think you should give this story a third part cos i’m “hanging in the air”, drop me pls…:D

  8. msphumi May 4, 2012 at 1:43 pm #

    I fink u shud start considering writing for nollyhood…pls!

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