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Dilemma (Conclusion)

25 May

I just had to write a concluding Part………. Hope you enjoy 😉

Bode’s eyes looked on aimlessly as he was wheeled into the Aircraft, he had no plans of fighting the illness that pervaded his being, the stroke had totally taken over his limbs, and the only part of his body movable was his head. He welcomed the numbness the partial paralysis brought, at least it took his mind off the pain of losing everything; his job, his life and Temila…..

His life had not been the same since the day He sent Temila out of his house “She’s too Young” He had consoled himself that period, not knowing He was making a grave mistake by sending her out. Although he tried reaching her after the unfortunate “near-sex” episode, his hasty decision to break his old sim card and get a new one cost him dearly and all efforts to reach her proved abortive.  He missed her company sorely, the jokes they shared and the long hours of meaningful/meaningless conversation, her wonderful sense of humor, the way she laughed at his pitiful attempts at pun…… He smiled a little; at least he thought he did but his lips just remained fixed to a side, making him look a lot like a failed imitation of a “santa claus smile”.

His friends had been adamant in their decision to send him out of the country, hoping the change of environment was what he needed, “I think a change of environment would do him a lot of good, all he needs to do is fight against the stroke, he’s still in there, but he’s just not fighting”.  The specialist couldn’t be more accurate Bode thought to himself, “What was there to fight for, to live for, No job, No livelihood, No…. Temila…” He had no plans to fight anything, he strengthened his resolve to just let go of life and maybe mercifully, the owner would take it back.

The Air-hostess wheeled him into the first class cabin via the V.I.P entrance, saving him the sad/merciful he usually got from people whenever they saw him in the wheelchair (If only they knew……); as she approached his seat, he felt an unusual fluttering in his chest, the back of his seatmate looked like one he had seen countless number of times, even held in his arms, rocked to sleep, dreamt about….. Could it be….. No it can’t….. What if it is? These were the questions running through his mind as the hostess wheeled him closer to the chair, even before she turned Bode knew already it was Temi…

“Bode what on earth happened”!!! She couldn’t help blurting out as she ran towards him and knelt at his feet, tears streaming down her face as all the emotions she had bottled in for the past few months came gushing out uncontrollably, “I called, searched, looked everywhere for you but it seemed like you disappeared off the face of the earth” she continued, sobbing; Bode could only look on, too shocked to react to any of her questions. He tried raising his arms to touch her, but failed; Temi on noticing this quickly took his hand and placed it on her face, then her shoulders, finally resting it on her heart.

Bode couldn’t stop the single tear that escaped from his eye as he felt movement return to his face, his mouth gradually formed into a smile, then he started sobbing too, his face a picture of all the horror he had been through; he forced himself to look down at Temila as he could gradually feel the will to live overpowering his resolve to remain an invalid.

The hostess looked on in amazement as the supposedly “invalid” passenger lifted his hands and hugged the girl crying in front of him, in between sobs, all she could hear was Bode…. Temila… Bode… Temila…

There was so much to catch up on, so much to be said, yet all they could do was hold on to each other, even as they were settled into their seats; Bode wouldn’t let go of Temila’s hand and vice versa, He kept on looking into her eyes, thanking whatever force it was that reunited them….

Temila reached for Bode’s face to wipe away his tears but he shook his head, he formed his lips as if to talk to her, but the pressure was too much, he could only breathe out her name “Temila” over and over again he whispered…..

As the plane prepared to take-off they silently, unconsciously agreed to let Love lead the way……. ^_^



This Shit Cray!

16 May

*Drags Vacuum cleaner in* Waow, this place looks deserted………. Its been a while…….. I know. I must confess, this story spiraled out of control while I was writing, I hope I was able to get it back on track though…. Enjoy… 😀 😉

P.S: Some Sexual Content ooo 😉

“The height of boredom in this house just pisses me off” I said to myself as I angrily switched from on DSTV station to the other, after enduring the BBA Stargame with my cousins who totally enjoyed it but had to leave to go see a movie with their friends. I was so relieved, thinking I could catch an interesting movie or music video but that was not the case; I fiddled with the controls and switched on my PS3 not knowing what to play since I was done with my soccer games and I was almost through with the adventure games, I didn’t want to exhaust them all at once, seeing as I was not sure when I would be opportuned to get new ones.

I reached over for my phone, browsed through my twitter account, answered my mentions tweeted some really wacky stuff but soon enough like I rightly predicted in my mind, I got tired of it so I started taking pictures and posting them via instagram, taking several crazy poses. I looked at the time, it was just 12pm, I had a long way to go before the end of the day and I was already bored sick; I switched off all the appliances, picked up the car keys and made for the door, sending a message to my Mum via BBM that I was on my way out, “where?” she promptly replied, “Just to shoprite jare” I replied sending a “cool and tongue-out smiley” to her, “Alright, have fun” she replied. 

Just as I opened the car door, she pinged me yet again “Tell Anita what you’ll have for supper” “Ok” I replied, as I scrolled through my contacts to ping our House help (Anita). “Hey, what’s up” I sent to her while I started the car, leaving the engine to warm up a little before I drove out, “Hi dear” she replied, I chuckled out loud to myself at the “kiss” smileys she sent with the “dear”, “What do u plan on cooking for supper?” I asked “And stop with the ‘dear'” I added “Spaghetti darling” she said this time adding a “batting eyelashes” smiley. I was at a loss for what to say, not because of her reply, but for her relentless effort in making sure I fuck her. 

Its no wonder that several times she would barge into my room, only with her towel on, and precisely timing it such that I would either be naked or half naked at the moment to pick up one trivial item or the other. The last encounter was pretty embarrassing for both of us, she came in as I was stepping out of the shower, butt naked as always, I walking to the bed to pick up my towel when she “supposedly” tripped and fell right on the bed her towel falling to the floor in the process. “Oops” she said and started batting her eyelashes, (Too much girls of the playboy mansion, I concluded ) her face going all red and licking her lips all at the same time, I have to admit I was really aroused (Which perfectly normal man would see a beautiful woman and not be??), my manhood stood at attention while I reached for my towel, but she beat me to it and handed it over from the bed, her eyes fixed on my manhood like it could save her or something. She tactically gave me the towel such that her hands brushed over my dick, I couldn’t help but  moan a little as desire suddenly filled my eyes and all I could think of was to have her right there and then on my bed damning the consequences; her breasts heaved up and down as she started breathing faster, watching my dick while I reached for her breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze. I knelt on the bed; one minute we were looking into each other’s eyes, the next our lips were glued together like our lives depended on it, my tongue explored every part of her mouth and hers mine too, my hands exploring every part of her sumptuous body, giving her the utmost pleasure.

She reached for my dick and smiled at me as she slid down and took me in her mouth, going back and forth as she brought me to heights of pleasure I had only read of in books, I actually spoke in tongues as she gave me the best BJ of my life right there on my bed. I couldn’t stop myself from releasing my self right there and then into her mouth, and she took it all in without taking her eyes off me.

As I gently laid her on the bed, tying her hands to the bed posts so as to have my way with her, suck her nipples, tickle her clitoris,, make her climax over and over again, I heard a loud fart…………….. It went on and on and on for almost 30seconds, I looked at her as she ducked her face in shame. I quietly undid the knots on her hands and picked my towel, unable to contain myself as I burst out laughing at the awkwardness of the moment, she also picked up her towel, covered up her naked self and made to leave the room, unable to believe that she just embarrassed herself in front of me.

As I reminisced about the encounter, I couldn’t help the slight erection I was feeling in my boxers at the thought of the Blow Job I got, but there was no way I was risking another “Farting experience”, the few days I was at home before I left for school after that first time was really awkward. 

I quickly answered her that I would have some of the spaghetti and ended the chat, as I pulled out of the house to go have some fun with my friends


3 May

The day couldn’t have started better, I woke up to the rays of the sun shining brightly into my room, bouncing off the walls, spiraling colors all over my bed as I lazily pulled aside the covers to start my day. I reached for my Blackberry, while saying a silent “thank you” prayer to God for the gift of life and silently reproaching myself for not properly having a devotion before attending to my phone, but well………… I unlocked my phone and quickly browsed through all my messages not paying attention to any of them except “Chioma’s”, Chioma and I had been talking, chatting for over a month now and we were really into each other. I got to know her by mistakenly dialing her number instead of a friend’s number who I intended giving a strong piece of mind; the guy had been changing numbers to avoid my call and several times after I’m able to eventually reach him, he changes his number again.

I dialed his new number that fateful day not knowing I had made a mistake, typing “5” instead of “3” thus connecting to Chioma’s line instead; I didn’t even give whoever was on the line a chance to talk, immediately the call was connected and the person picked up, I vented my anger on “him” going on and on about his dubious ways and other not too friendly attitudes, using several words that are really painful. By the time I calmed down, all I heard was “Are you done?” in a female voice, thinking the voice belonged to his girlfriend, I was about giving her a piece of mind too, chiding her for listening to him and picking up his phone, acting like he was not around and so on, when abruptly she disconnected the call. I was so infuriated, I called back severally but she wouldn’t pick up, by this time I could taste the rage I felt in the back of my throat, I tried to calm myself down, waited a few hours then called “his” number again. This time around I waited to hear “him” talk, but all I heard was some girlish laughter and then a very cheerful “Hello, who’s speaking pls”, “Hi” I replied “This is Akin, can I speak to Seyi please?” I forced the “please” through my teeth because being polite was the last thing on my mind now. She cheerfully answered “wrong number” “wait, wait” I quickly replied “Before you disconnect the call, just tell him I know he’s there, that he should keep hiding I’ll find him and we’ll even the scores then” “Thank you” I added. She laughed and replied “Akin, you sure do have a score to settle with whoever this Seyi is, but I don’t know him, and I don’t even want to know him with the way you’ve been threatening, I’m sure you’ll do some serious harm to him” she laughed after saying this, and I wondered if I heard a trace of igbo in her voice, if there was one thing I knew about Seyi, he loathed Igbo girls, he doesn’t ever want to have any connection whatsoever with them. I gently asked her “Are you igbo pls?” she replied almost immediately “Yes, I’m chioma” I sighed out loud as I tried figuring out where I would start my apology from “I had no i-i-i-d-dea” I stuttered, “I’m so sorry, really sorry” I said gritting my teeth together as I said it, I really hated saying sorry.

We struck it off from there, though she wanted to hang up right after my apology, I convinced her to talk to me for some time, just to get to know each other better ;-). By the time we were done talking, I knew her surname, her pet name, I knew she schools in Benin, lives in Benin too, I knew all there was to know about her from that first conversation. (Bad like that 😉 ). She in turn asked about me, what I did for a living, why I was so furious with my “friend” she even convinced me to let go of whatever he did to me and just move on, which I eventually did, but not after treating the guy’s fuck up sha oo :-D.

I got her Blackberry pin, her yahoo id, whatsapp and all, we were inseparable from that moment onward, we were always chatting, texting, and talking, she became my obsession and I hers too. At first she wouldn’t use her picture on her chats but then I eventually prevailed over her to, and when she did, I was astounded, she looked so amazing; fair skinned, brown eyes, luscious lips,… she looked too good to be true, she is indeed a beauty to behold. Our conversations centered around anything and everything, from religion to sports (She’s a Proud Arsenal Fan too ^_^ ), we were destined to meet each other, she loved reading books, she writes, she loves music and she has a wonderful voice too, I couldn’t help but fall in love with her.

When I suggested that she come to Lagos to see me, my heart was in my mouth as I waited for her reply; Most of the time when I asked her serious questions, she would be mischievous and leave me hanging, teasing me endlessly while I waited but this time the answer was instant, “Yes”. I was surprised, my joy knew no bounds, I was so elated, I sent her a message full of mushy “lovey-dovey” words, she replied in kind. We started making preparations, how long was she going to stay?, where was she going to stay? and other things… 😉 , we concluded she would stay with “Yours truly”, spending the weekend with me and catching the first flight to Benin, the next Monday morning.

As I read through her morning message to me, I smiled as I saw at the end of the message “Can’t wait to finally see you”, I was about sending my own message to her (We had a tradition of sending each other mails, first thing every morning :-X ) when my phone rang, it was her, she was on her way to the Airport and would be leaving for Lagos by 9am. I told her I would be there to pick her up and she disconnected, but not before she told me how much she was looking forward to seeing me. I quickly set about rearranging my 2bedroom apartment to have the semblance of a sane person living in it, I only made use of one room, the other filled with clothes and several other stuff that I never got round to unpacking from my previous apartment.

9am and I was out of the house, spotting a white Polo shirt, blue Jeans with Ferragamo slippers and I “knacked” my Ray Bans looking casual yet dashing ;-). I drove straight to the Airport, picking up some flowers along the way just for the fun of it, I was sure she’ll laugh at me after but I didn’t care I was in Love. Her plane landed right on time, and she breezed through security and was out even before I got a place to park in the Airport, she called and asked where I was and I directed her to where I was parked.

When I saw her, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, every other lady paled in contrast to her, her beauty out shone them all; she was wearing an Orange Gown with a pair of Jeans, matching heels that any lady would kill for, with Marc Jacobs sun shades that made her look just fabulous. I waved at her, silently praying that I won’t be embarrassed and dialed her number just to be sure, she disconnected the call and waved back, smiling at me as I covered up the distance between us and damning all onlookers I hugged her and crushed my lips to hers immediately. I heard her gasp at first then she warmed up to me and held the back of my head as we deepened the kiss, it wan’t until I heard the sound of a camera snapping that I stopped and stepped back, picking her luggage and handing over the flowers. “Aaaaww, so sweet” she said, sniffing at them and kissing me once again.

Anyone could ride the proverbial horse in my stomach and not miss a step, I was practically on cloud nine as I drove, looking at her by my side and thanking God for my good fortune. I was about climbing the third mainland bridge when she asked “Can we take another route dear?” “Why?” I replied, “it is much shorter if we go via this route, and I really can’t wait for us to get home” I continued as I accelerated and made for the link road that connects to the bridge, she kept quiet after this and just leaned back in her seat smiling at me.

After 5minutes that I’d been speeding down the Third Mainland bridge, I suddenly noticed that her expression had changed, her face was looking very pale, white like a diseased person, I quickly parked and asked her “Is everything alright?” as she opened her mouth to talk,  her teeth started falling off, right before my eyes Chioma was aging. her fine skin started peeling, and it started becoming scaly to touch. I was overcome with dread as black hair started withering right before my eyes. I looked into her eyes and what I saw in there sent chills down my spine, they were black, very black, there was no difference between the iris and the retina, I was petrified at such transformation. She reached her towards me with her hands, by this time I was reaching for the car handle, ready to bolt out immediately, but I was transfixed to my seat, I couldn’t move, I was stuck because of the seat belt; as I reached over to unlock myself, I noticed her beautiful feet had changed into the tail of a fish, flapping about as she neared me almost touching my skin. The seat belt remained locked even as I tried hard to unlock it and get out of the car, by now I could feel the touch of her hand, I dared myself to look but my head wouldn’t respond to the command, I felt the scaliness under my chin as she lifted my head up, willing me to move.  “Chi…” was the last thing I said before I felt my brain shut down, all I could do was look on as she silently leaned forward mouth wide open, claiming first my mouth, then growing wider as it engulfed my head and my being in its entirety……..


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