This Shit Cray!

16 May

*Drags Vacuum cleaner in* Waow, this place looks deserted………. Its been a while…….. I know. I must confess, this story spiraled out of control while I was writing, I hope I was able to get it back on track though…. Enjoy… 😀 😉

P.S: Some Sexual Content ooo 😉

“The height of boredom in this house just pisses me off” I said to myself as I angrily switched from on DSTV station to the other, after enduring the BBA Stargame with my cousins who totally enjoyed it but had to leave to go see a movie with their friends. I was so relieved, thinking I could catch an interesting movie or music video but that was not the case; I fiddled with the controls and switched on my PS3 not knowing what to play since I was done with my soccer games and I was almost through with the adventure games, I didn’t want to exhaust them all at once, seeing as I was not sure when I would be opportuned to get new ones.

I reached over for my phone, browsed through my twitter account, answered my mentions tweeted some really wacky stuff but soon enough like I rightly predicted in my mind, I got tired of it so I started taking pictures and posting them via instagram, taking several crazy poses. I looked at the time, it was just 12pm, I had a long way to go before the end of the day and I was already bored sick; I switched off all the appliances, picked up the car keys and made for the door, sending a message to my Mum via BBM that I was on my way out, “where?” she promptly replied, “Just to shoprite jare” I replied sending a “cool and tongue-out smiley” to her, “Alright, have fun” she replied. 

Just as I opened the car door, she pinged me yet again “Tell Anita what you’ll have for supper” “Ok” I replied, as I scrolled through my contacts to ping our House help (Anita). “Hey, what’s up” I sent to her while I started the car, leaving the engine to warm up a little before I drove out, “Hi dear” she replied, I chuckled out loud to myself at the “kiss” smileys she sent with the “dear”, “What do u plan on cooking for supper?” I asked “And stop with the ‘dear'” I added “Spaghetti darling” she said this time adding a “batting eyelashes” smiley. I was at a loss for what to say, not because of her reply, but for her relentless effort in making sure I fuck her. 

Its no wonder that several times she would barge into my room, only with her towel on, and precisely timing it such that I would either be naked or half naked at the moment to pick up one trivial item or the other. The last encounter was pretty embarrassing for both of us, she came in as I was stepping out of the shower, butt naked as always, I walking to the bed to pick up my towel when she “supposedly” tripped and fell right on the bed her towel falling to the floor in the process. “Oops” she said and started batting her eyelashes, (Too much girls of the playboy mansion, I concluded ) her face going all red and licking her lips all at the same time, I have to admit I was really aroused (Which perfectly normal man would see a beautiful woman and not be??), my manhood stood at attention while I reached for my towel, but she beat me to it and handed it over from the bed, her eyes fixed on my manhood like it could save her or something. She tactically gave me the towel such that her hands brushed over my dick, I couldn’t help but  moan a little as desire suddenly filled my eyes and all I could think of was to have her right there and then on my bed damning the consequences; her breasts heaved up and down as she started breathing faster, watching my dick while I reached for her breasts, giving them a gentle squeeze. I knelt on the bed; one minute we were looking into each other’s eyes, the next our lips were glued together like our lives depended on it, my tongue explored every part of her mouth and hers mine too, my hands exploring every part of her sumptuous body, giving her the utmost pleasure.

She reached for my dick and smiled at me as she slid down and took me in her mouth, going back and forth as she brought me to heights of pleasure I had only read of in books, I actually spoke in tongues as she gave me the best BJ of my life right there on my bed. I couldn’t stop myself from releasing my self right there and then into her mouth, and she took it all in without taking her eyes off me.

As I gently laid her on the bed, tying her hands to the bed posts so as to have my way with her, suck her nipples, tickle her clitoris,, make her climax over and over again, I heard a loud fart…………….. It went on and on and on for almost 30seconds, I looked at her as she ducked her face in shame. I quietly undid the knots on her hands and picked my towel, unable to contain myself as I burst out laughing at the awkwardness of the moment, she also picked up her towel, covered up her naked self and made to leave the room, unable to believe that she just embarrassed herself in front of me.

As I reminisced about the encounter, I couldn’t help the slight erection I was feeling in my boxers at the thought of the Blow Job I got, but there was no way I was risking another “Farting experience”, the few days I was at home before I left for school after that first time was really awkward. 

I quickly answered her that I would have some of the spaghetti and ended the chat, as I pulled out of the house to go have some fun with my friends


4 Responses to “This Shit Cray!”

  1. bimbyz May 16, 2012 at 5:48 pm #

    Gheun! I guess this is the end of this story. Nice 1

  2. Mcfunny May 16, 2012 at 9:53 pm #

    Lol Nice one

  3. TheManya May 25, 2012 at 2:04 pm #

    Lool… Tru story?

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