Dilemma (Conclusion)

25 May

I just had to write a concluding Part………. Hope you enjoy 😉

Bode’s eyes looked on aimlessly as he was wheeled into the Aircraft, he had no plans of fighting the illness that pervaded his being, the stroke had totally taken over his limbs, and the only part of his body movable was his head. He welcomed the numbness the partial paralysis brought, at least it took his mind off the pain of losing everything; his job, his life and Temila…..

His life had not been the same since the day He sent Temila out of his house “She’s too Young” He had consoled himself that period, not knowing He was making a grave mistake by sending her out. Although he tried reaching her after the unfortunate “near-sex” episode, his hasty decision to break his old sim card and get a new one cost him dearly and all efforts to reach her proved abortive.  He missed her company sorely, the jokes they shared and the long hours of meaningful/meaningless conversation, her wonderful sense of humor, the way she laughed at his pitiful attempts at pun…… He smiled a little; at least he thought he did but his lips just remained fixed to a side, making him look a lot like a failed imitation of a “santa claus smile”.

His friends had been adamant in their decision to send him out of the country, hoping the change of environment was what he needed, “I think a change of environment would do him a lot of good, all he needs to do is fight against the stroke, he’s still in there, but he’s just not fighting”.  The specialist couldn’t be more accurate Bode thought to himself, “What was there to fight for, to live for, No job, No livelihood, No…. Temila…” He had no plans to fight anything, he strengthened his resolve to just let go of life and maybe mercifully, the owner would take it back.

The Air-hostess wheeled him into the first class cabin via the V.I.P entrance, saving him the sad/merciful he usually got from people whenever they saw him in the wheelchair (If only they knew……); as she approached his seat, he felt an unusual fluttering in his chest, the back of his seatmate looked like one he had seen countless number of times, even held in his arms, rocked to sleep, dreamt about….. Could it be….. No it can’t….. What if it is? These were the questions running through his mind as the hostess wheeled him closer to the chair, even before she turned Bode knew already it was Temi…

“Bode what on earth happened”!!! She couldn’t help blurting out as she ran towards him and knelt at his feet, tears streaming down her face as all the emotions she had bottled in for the past few months came gushing out uncontrollably, “I called, searched, looked everywhere for you but it seemed like you disappeared off the face of the earth” she continued, sobbing; Bode could only look on, too shocked to react to any of her questions. He tried raising his arms to touch her, but failed; Temi on noticing this quickly took his hand and placed it on her face, then her shoulders, finally resting it on her heart.

Bode couldn’t stop the single tear that escaped from his eye as he felt movement return to his face, his mouth gradually formed into a smile, then he started sobbing too, his face a picture of all the horror he had been through; he forced himself to look down at Temila as he could gradually feel the will to live overpowering his resolve to remain an invalid.

The hostess looked on in amazement as the supposedly “invalid” passenger lifted his hands and hugged the girl crying in front of him, in between sobs, all she could hear was Bode…. Temila… Bode… Temila…

There was so much to catch up on, so much to be said, yet all they could do was hold on to each other, even as they were settled into their seats; Bode wouldn’t let go of Temila’s hand and vice versa, He kept on looking into her eyes, thanking whatever force it was that reunited them….

Temila reached for Bode’s face to wipe away his tears but he shook his head, he formed his lips as if to talk to her, but the pressure was too much, he could only breathe out her name “Temila” over and over again he whispered…..

As the plane prepared to take-off they silently, unconsciously agreed to let Love lead the way……. ^_^



3 Responses to “Dilemma (Conclusion)”

  1. TheManya May 25, 2012 at 1:53 pm #

    Bleh….. Warris dis???….. There’s no orgasm!! No climax!!! Arrrrghhhh… The build up was ill!!! Beht I ask u again.. Warris dis??? 😦

    • teekellz May 25, 2012 at 3:14 pm #

      Just b’cos there’s no sex abi?? Lmao!!!! Hehehehe

  2. BimbyZ May 25, 2012 at 4:08 pm #

    i swear i’d already forgotten about the story. Nice ending. But i still think there’s more or maybe i want more. i dunno o. Keep up the good work sir 😀

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