Sweet and Sour

13 Sep

This is not a Blog post, this is a work of fiction whose authenticity is yet to be proven.

So my sub-conscious kept on bugging me to enter for the TWO competition from TNC So I tried to put up something, they started a story and we’re expected to finish it so here goes:


Aigbe smiled callously as he watched Esosa tumble backwards onto the floor. He thought to himself that she quite looked like a fish out of water – flailing about, reaching for support that would not be forthcoming. His smile very quickly evolved into a cruel laugh as he watched the back of her head crash onto the cold, tiled floor with a sickening, wet sound. Leaping astride her semi-conscious body, he rained three solid blows onto her torso, working his way from her lower ribcage to her sternum. She yelped, shook and choked with each blow, unable to fight back.

“You are the one that will die, not me, Stupid Harlot!”

He spat into her face as the last blow landed and she choked violently, jerking with the impact of the blow and recoiling from the glob of projectile spittle that had hit her face.

“You!  Are! A! Mad! Dirty! Prostitute!”

Each word was punctuated by a slap that sent waves of pain coursing through Esosa’s head. She could barely speak or shout or scream in protest, much less move. She felt herself start to slip into a numb blackness but she tried to hold on.  Aigbe wrapped his hands around her neck and muttered.

“Witch! Harlot! Your plan has failed!”

Esosa closed her eyes and let the numbing darkness take her as her husband choked the remaining life from her, his wedding ring pressing against her carotid artery.

                                                                                                    2 hours earlier

Esosa smiled to herself as she poured the brown powder into the bottle of Merlot. She re-corked it and shook it violently until the powder began to dissolve. She knew Aigbe was already on his way home…


Esosa was careful to wash her hands after doing away with the covering. The doctor had given stringent instructions which must be adhered to strictly. For no reason should it touch her mouth.

The Evil that Men (Women) Do Surprises even the Devil.

A lot of planning had gone into the events of tonight, only one person would make it out alive. She dabbed Aigbe’s favourite fragrance on her neck as she changed into a negligee that usually drove him insane. She would make sure he had the best sex of his life, right before she slit his throat.

A man is most vulnerable when he’s having an orgasm she had heard somewhere. She would confirm that tonight.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

2 days earlier

‘Esosa, Esosa’ Aigbe tumbled into the sitting room drunk, reeking of cigarette smoke and smell of fake perfume, shouting his wife’s name.

‘Where is my food?’ he slurred.

Esosa was poised on a stool at the bar on the far side of the room, sipping a glass of Don Perignon. She refused to acknowledge his presence, though he was the reason she was up this late.

‘Where’s my food?’ he repeated, surer this time.

Esosa took a sip and pointed a well manicured finger towards the dining table

‘Right there’ she answered and turned back to her drink. Her trip to the native doctor had been fruitful, he had asked her to come back in two days for the poison. She didn’t doubt the potency of the man’s charms, but she needed to have a plan B. Aigbe had lived long enough, it was high time he went to join his ancestors.

Aigbe stared at her from the dining table as he picked through the meal, he wasn’t hungry, neither was he drunk. He just had to keep up this act until he was sure of his wife’s plans…

2 Months earlier

Esosa had every reason to be insulted, her husband had thrown her out of his car, the car they had slaved together to buy. Esosa had dropped the chunk of the amount used in purchasing the vehicle, yet her husband had the nerve to throw her out of the car. She was helped to her feet by a young man who later called a cab and saw to it that she got home safely. His name was Tolu.

Tolu didn’t even ask why Aigbe threw her out of his car, the only thing he asked from her was her home address. He rekindled the fire of love and loving in her heart, he became her confidant, her soul mate and everything Aigbe was not. He loved talking dirty to her, making her feel

Aigbe was frantic. He had been trying to reach Esosa ever since he threw her out of his car. He was in a foul mood and she had aggravated it. She was nagging him endlessly about fixing the ‘Check Engine” light blinking on the car. She always had something to nag him for, ‘Flush the toilet, lift the toilet seat, replace the toilet seat,…’ the list was endless. Todays own was the final straw that broke the camel’s back. He was running late from a deadline, yet she had insisted he come pick her from the hair dresser’s place, complained that he didn’t pack the car properly and then nagged him for not complimenting her hair. He made a mental note to make it up to her tonight.

2 Years earlier

‘I’m in the bathroom honey’ Aigbe called out as he heard Esosa lock the door behind her. He couldn’t believe his good fortune, ever since he met Esosa things had gone from good to better to best in less than two months. He was already on his way to becoming branch manager from a mere sales representative. Since the day he set his eyes on Esosa, his heart warmed to her. She was a beauty to behold, light-skinned, slim and graceful. His reverie was cut short when he heard the sound of the shower curtain drawn backwards and he felt a presence behind him.

Esosa reached for the soap and gently rubbed his back, murmuring sweet words into his ears and watched his member rise. She chuckled and dropped the soap; she leaned across from him and bent to pick it up but was stopped halfway. She felt him enter her and bit her lip from crying out with pleasure, she held on to the shower tap for support as he pleasured her. She swung her hips in rhythm and could hear his sharp intake of breath; she felt herself erupt, bucked and swung her hips with his every stroke, until she heard his cry of relief.

Esosa’s face was still flushed from the events of the past few minutes, she turned to kiss him but was shocked to find him out of the bath tub, she sucked in breath as the gravity of what he was about to do hit her.

‘Will you marry me?’ Aigbe asked as he knelt on one knee, stark naked on the floor of the bathroom.

‘Yes darling, yes’ she had replied and he swept her off her feet, carried her, both of them dripping water, into the bedroom kissing her wet face.

2 hours later

Aigbe half carried, half dragged Esosa’s dead body to the room, he cleaned her up and opened the poisoned bottle of Merlot. He poured some into a glass cup and raised Esosa’s head, pried her lips open and poured it in. #100,000 was a paltry sum to pay, so long as he stayed alive. The private detective was very thorough; Aigbe had given him specific instructions ‘the native doctor must be taken out,’ while he would finish off his wife and her ‘boy lover’. He picked up her phone and sent him a message ‘I’m naked; he’s out come over quickly.’


5 Responses to “Sweet and Sour”

  1. Bimbyz September 14, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    Crazy!!! i like it. Nice piece

  2. Anu September 14, 2012 at 8:11 pm #

    Nice one…like d way u started frm almost d end to d beginning…keep it up bro

  3. Omobee September 19, 2012 at 6:43 am #

    Thumbs up aburo

  4. Tomifeoluwa October 10, 2012 at 8:21 am #

    Wonderful piece…

  5. rebecca October 11, 2012 at 9:42 am #

    hmm nyc one!

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