19 May

A slight breeze blows over the huddled form at the entrance to the mall, Bade, the recluse squeezes the frayed blanket he wraps around himself even tighter and cringes slightly as a pungent odour hit him. The stench is from him, he knows it but he’s not only used to it, intact he revels in it, it keeps unnecessary attention away from him. He is different, he is not mad or physically handicapped in any way, until recently he was the C.E.O of one of the leading telecommunication firms in the country before the ugly incident that turned him into this.


Being the C.E.O at thirty years was Bade’s dream and it looked like he was headed directly for it, the sky was just a steppingstone. The outgoing C.E.O, who was already overdue for retirement had called him and his colleague Uche who was also vying for the post to his office the night before and their discussion lingered in his mind.
“To be C.E.O of this company, you must be ready to give it your all…” the old man started with his raspy smoker’s voice.
His voice never failed to rattle Bade, even though he’d been working close to the man, hearing his voice everyday for the past 5years. Bade and Uche were the most senior vice presidents in the company at the moment and though they didn’t usually see eye to eye, they accorded each other the professional courtesies necessary to get the work done. Infact there was a rumor that the old man intentionally selected two of them as VPs so that he can have fun watching them play “Good cop, Bad cop” at board meetings.
“… Finally and most importantly…” the old man droned on, ” there’s a club you have to be initiated into…”
Bade’s ears pricked as he heard this bit of information, there had also been rumours, but to have something so serious casually mentioned by the current C.E.O obviously meant it wasn’t as serious as the rumours said they were, or so he thought. He would live to regret this later.
A few weeks later, the old man officially named him the new C.E.O of the company and everything was perfect, his dream had come true but though his dream came true, his nightmare began when he learnt what was really required of him in the “club” the former C.E.O casually mentioned…

To be continued….


2 Responses to “8:35pm”

  1. enajyte August 7, 2013 at 8:22 am #

    Nice piece. Where’s the rest of it?
    I’ve been here 5 minutes and I’ve seen ‘to be continued….’ twice. When?

    • teekellz August 7, 2013 at 8:25 am #

      I’m sorry, I have a very bad habit of drafting and re-drafting. I just haven’t found the ‘perfect’ ending yet I guess….. I have an ending but I’m not satisfied… X_X


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