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The Man who can

13 Jun

‘You’re a fool, you shouldn’t have sold yourself cheap’ she screamed at me, spraying my face with showers of saliva. She threw the money at me and continued ‘A meager #50,000? You must have been at your worst tonight; chief would have tipped even me better than that.’
Why don’t you offer him your asshole then? I itched to reply, but caught myself just in time to prevent a prolonged shout out with Madam. It was unlike her to come and meet me at the hotel as against our prearranged rendezvous points. She must be really desperate for the cash.
I could already smell her breath, a mixture of alcohol and marijuana, I was sure she would apologize in the morning when she sobered up but right now, the last thing on my mind was to even be here. I longed for the solace of my two bedroom apartment. I could feel the anger in my stomach moving upwards. My palm itched to hit Madam’s face but then I remembered why I was in this situation in the first place. I could only pray she doesn’t go through with her threat to expose everything.

I’ve always known her as ‘Madam’, that was the name she gave me the day we met at a bar where I was having drinks with my friends. We just finished a successful deal, the four of us netting #100,000 each. It would have been a larger amount, but I insisted that we stop the scam. I envisaged that even if we were caught, we could all rally round and get the money back.
We had finished our second bottle of red label and were on our way out when she signaled to the bartender to give us a third, we politely declined., but she insisted, hinting that she had a business proposition.
‘We don’t do business with strangers’
‘Oh snap out of it, this one will net you and your friends a lot more than the change you’re making now scamming unsuspecting housewives’ she said and took a sip from her glass.
‘I’m afraid you have the wrong crew’ I replied trying to keep a straight face, ‘How on earth did she know about us?’
‘Well’ she started then reached for her purse and threw a couple of photographs on the table, with well- kept fingers.
I made to pick them up but my guys beat me to it, sharing the pictures around them with several exclamations of ‘ohs’ and ‘ahs’ escaping their mouths.
‘Sharrap’ I snapped at them and snatched one of the pictures off Kunle the closest to me. My heart thumped loudly against my chest as I saw a pose of my naked self, face included. That was one thing we always guarded against, revealing our facial features in the pictures we sent to prospective clients.
‘Do you still think I’ve got the wrong crew’ She raised her head and blew a cloud of smoke in my face
‘What’s the meaning of this? Where did you get this?’ I snapped at her.
‘Oh cut the crap lover boy, I have a business proposition for you especially, your friends are just icing on the cake’ she replied.
‘Not before you tell me who gave you this’ I replied, fingers clenched in anger
‘Alright alright’ she said waving her arms in a circle round her head ‘Does the name ‘B-Slayo’ mean anything to you?’ she added.
How could I forget ‘B-Slayo’ the slime that cheated us out of our very first deal, threatening to turn us over to the police after we cashed in? He fell in love with the client, telling her everything about how we were poor undergraduates who dropped out of school for lack of funds and decided to run this scam. How we had kept sending pictures of our bodies only to a select number of women, especially those whose husbands we knew had no time for them; senators, politicians, business magnates. After they must have fallen in love with us, we then start blackmailing them, making sure they saw just one person out of the group. That person would also pretend like he was been blackmailed by the same crew to get whatever amount we wanted from the client, telling her that he also had never made direct contact with us.
We had it all planned out but B-slayo broke the first rule of been the contact, he fell in love with the senator’s wife that our net first snagged. The only condition on which he wouldn’t expose our real identities to her was if we would leave him alone and let him continue being the woman’s boyfriend which we had no choice but to agree to.
‘Now his single act of betrayal has come back to hit us in the face?’
‘From the expression on your face, I assume you remember him perfectly’ she said, snapping me out my reverie.
‘He’s a fucking chicken with no back bone, a weakling who is unworthy of being called a man…..’ I fumed.
‘Save me the sentimental bullshit and listen’ she broke in, ‘with a body and a face like yours, you shouldn’t ever want for anything money can get, your brother too.’ she added.
‘Let’s hear what you have to say then’ I said, through forced teeth.
‘It’s like this’ she started, ‘I’ll link you up with ladies who are actually interested in the services of young men like you, you’ll be their escorts for the day or night, depending on when they need you. You’ll attend to all of their needs whatever they are’.
‘And what’s in it for us’ I broke in
‘Money’ she answered, ‘lots of it at your disposal, ranging from #500,000 upwards for each client.’
Kunle interrupted ‘I assume you’re doing this from the benevolence of your heart huh?’
‘Smart-ass’ she replied ‘of course not, but I’ll be your agent, your link, whatever you choose to call it, and by the way you can call me ‘Madam’.’ She added.


The business proposition started off on the wrong foot as Madam almost swindled us out of our very first deal, but we were able to catch on quickly and got our share. As we progressed from one client to the other, Madam and I got unbearably close as her clients always had glowing praises for my services. I was satisfying their every need. She couldn’t but taste of the ‘goodies’ she was offering to her clients and I was very eager to satisfy her.
Very soon, my friends were conveniently left out of the picture as I became her one and only star attraction, peddling me here and there to anyone and everyone that could afford me. I soon became an open secret among the elite ladies of the society; I was even given a code name
‘The man who can’…

To be continued…


Behind the Shades

11 Jun

Beautiful! That was the only adjective that could accurately describe who I set my eyes on as I walked down the length of the walkway to my 7a.m class. Her face was absent of makeup which was pretty unusual for a Babcock University girl on a Monday morning, I guessed she was not one of the ‘typical Babcock girls.’ I looked around me to check if any of ‘my guys’ had noticed how fixated my eyes were on the lady that walked towards us, fortunately they were all too concerned about how late we were for the class to bother.
I made a quick decision to go after her and not come back until I had her digits. The only thing that struck me as odd was the large pair of dark sunshades she had on, because I could hardly see earlier this morning as a result of the heavy fog that descended on the University campus, as a matter of fact, the sun was far from shining at such early hour of the morning.
I feigned loss of the note for the class we were on our way for and I turned back from my friends as if to go back to the hall but the moment I rounded a corner where I wouldn’t be observed, I waited and observed as ‘she’ made her way with her friends towards me. Her clothes were perfectly combined, a well tailored ‘da-viva print’ patterned skirt complemented with a plain jacket and a white camisole, simple yet classy. My gaze traveled downwards and I beheld one of the cleanest, spotless pair of legs I’d ever set my eyes on. She carried herself with a grace that is seen in royalty. I stole a quick glance at one of the notice boards nearby to check that I was not dressed shabbily, and said a quick ‘thank you’ to God that it wasn’t one of those days when I would opt for palm slippers or flip-flops on my black native attire as against the nice pair of T.T Dalk open shoes I had on. I positioned myself such that there was no way she would walk past without brushing into me, but I realized my folly a little too late as no sooner had we brushed into each other that she tripped and fell flat on the concrete floor. My feeble attempts to save face by reaching out for her caused me to also trip on the steps close by and I struggled and flayed my arms helplessly around as I fell to the floor.
‘Lisa are you alright’ I heard one of her friends call out as they rallied round her and helped her to her feet, thankfully she was alright. Then they all turned as one towards me while I still lay unprotected on the floor. The jolt of electricity that had passed through my body as I fell was very much in place and I was still too stunned to will my feet to rise beneath me. They formed a protective arc in front of her while they gave me looks that left gaping holes in my being, and though I avoided looking them in the eye, I could still feel their looks pierce my skin.
‘Is he okay?’ I heard the most melodious voice I’ve ever heard call out as ‘she’ broke through their arc and walked towards me.
‘I hope he’s not’ one of her friends retorted and reached for her hand ‘Please let’s go’ she encouraged and gently tugged her hand but she refused.
‘I have to be sure he’s okay, are you okay?’ ‘she’ called out once more looking generally in my direction but not at me, her shades must have fallen off when she fell.
‘I’m fine’ I replied and miraculously, I could feel my feet finally and rose to my feet and stretched out my hand towards her ‘I’m Lekan and I’m really sorry about all that.’
‘Lisa’ she smiled and stretched forth her own hand too, though I couldn’t help but notice that though her outstretched hand hovered over mine, she wouldn’t accept my handshake until I raised my hand to meet hers.
‘It’s okay, but be more careful next time’. She continued as she turned to take her leave.
It’s now or never, I told myself and gently pulled her hand so she would stop, ‘You look really beautiful Lisa, can I walk with you?’ I quickly asked before I could stop myself.
‘So you can walk her into a ditch this time?’ the same friend snapped at me again.
‘Titi, please stop talking that way’ she replied in my defense and continued ‘I’m sure it was an honest mistake, you girls go on we’ll be right behind you.’
‘Lisa at least use your walker, just to be on the safe side’ She pleaded and rolled her eyes at me as she added ‘He doesn’t even look like he can take care of himself not to talk of you.’
‘Walker?’ I wanted to ask but stopped myself at the look on Titi’s face. I wondered why she was so protective.
At this point it took all the strength I could muster to stop myself from insulting her and I struggled with the fake smile plastered on my face while I held on to Lisa’s hand.
‘Titi, I’ll be fine’ I could sense the irritation in her voice, ‘just go on, it’s alright.’ She replied.
Titi gave the phrase ‘If looks could kill’ a whole new meaning with the way she looked at me then hissed and beckoned to the other friends ‘Please let us go jare.’
‘I’m sorry’ we both chorused coincidentally then burst into laughter, I stopped laughing and kept staring mouth agape at her white, well arranged dentition. She looked too good to be true.
‘What’s wrong, are you staring at me?’ she asked.
‘N-n-n-no’ I stuttered but my voice failed me because the minute she asked that question, all the pieces began to fall into place, the black shades, the over-protective friend, the hovering hand, the walker and lastly the strange, distant look…
Lisa was blind!.


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