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Tribute to a Mother

8 Jan

From the very first sign of conception,

The early morning sickness and fatigue

That sudden pregnant realization

A thoughtful/well phrased question to a trusted colleague

To be quite positive

That you’re not just being imaginative

Right up to the more noticeable changes

The unusual changes in libido

The soreness and enlargement of the breasts

Those too frequent visits to the ladies though

Welcome that could be a tad embarrassing

Especially when tied up in official meetings

Yet you patiently endured the stress

And the inconveniences that It seemed to have caused

That little movement that affirmed “its” presence,

Made you smile and give thanks for being thus blessed

Not minding the trouble of discarding old clothes,

Getting new ones that fit comfortably

Ensuring the well being of you both

Even if they were not so right fashionably

Having to deal with conflicting thoughts

Of the gender of the baby and a right name

That rightly portrays the feelings it brought

And mentally deleting those that sound lame

Enduring the hassles of the ante-natal classes

Finding solace in placing your palm

On the now very noticeable protrusion,

In gentle sweeps, it caresses,

Soothes like a healing balm

And gives a lasting solution.

Suddenly the time draws nearer

The pain now almost unbearable

The phrase “My water broke” couldn’t be any clearer

You wonder if you would be able

Or rather accept the comfort of anesthesia

Each contraction bringing you closer

Yet you bravely saw it all through

Every bit of it

You endured and stayed ever true

Silently hoping they could get it over with

Pain seemingly endless

Your bravery forever priceless

You will always remain

A treasure set in the highest domain


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