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19 Sep

It’s easy to recall with amazingly accurate detail, what she wore the first time i beheld her

I’ve always laughed at the term “Love at first sight”

Even scorned some friends saying “You have failed at your quest in  becoming a player”

But I must admit, they were very right

Her beauty alone

Melted my heart of stone

For the very first time, I was dumbfounded

My brain just stopped processing entirely

Right there and then, I knew I was gone

This beauty had me well grounded

It felt like time stood still completely

When she turned and i saw her beauty

In its entirety

From that moment onward, all I saw was her

Everything else in comparison was duller

She became the color in an otherwise dull view


Her curves perfectly accentuated by a blue jeans trouser

Pencil-mouthed, ending into black, obviously new designer shoes

A striped shirt that hugged her so well, I hoped to best it

With a cream-colored necklace to complement it

Her face looked too good to be true

It was just without blemish

To give her a name other than Goddess would be cruel

Her hazel eyes compelling me to make a wish

That I could one day look deep into them

And see into the crux of her very being

A nose that fits almost perfectly on her face

Her luscious lips that were faintly touched with gloss

Shining as she spoke

A chin that was just broad for her face to sit on

Yet so exquisitely shaped, it looked sculpted

She would effortlessly outshine a work of art

She was just too beautiful, beauty full


Just when I thought to stop gawking

Towards me she started walking

My heart nearly flew off my chest

Thumping far louder than the drums being played

I willed my face to look away

But it was as if it had developed a mind of its own

When our eyes met

My heart literally and figuratively stopped

Everything started happening in slow motion

Like the Bollywood movies

I wanted to sing

Though I had no lyrics

A song of Love

A song of Pain

A song of Hope

A song of  Joy

A song to soothe the ache I felt deep down


Then she spoke to me

And I must have zoned out completely

Her voice so soft, and sweet i felt diabetic

So melodiously natural

Her smile revealing a set of teeth perfectly formed

A pair of dimples that made me wish for mine

Cause they fit her so nicely

Coming out in time as if palnned

It wasn’t until she touched me that i realized

I haven”t answered her yet

She was asking if i was a first timer in church

But her touch felt so right

Her skin soft like a new born

Velvety like fresh clothing

I quickly recovered and answered smiling brilliantly back

“No, I’m not”

But  feeling a little stupid

Cause my description from a distance was so wrong

She surpassed it too well

That if Angels could be jealous and jealousy could kill

She’ll be dead over and over again

Perfectly formed face

A sweet figure eight

She doesn’t belong in this world

She belongs in a temple

Where she’ll be worshipped


Gone is the guy who thought “Love Sucked”

But here is a man who fell head over heels in Love

At first sight

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